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Changzhou WangQun medicinal Machinery Co., Ltd is Chinese pharmaceutical machinery industry association. Founded in 1984, the company introduced a senior mechanical engineer, pharmaceutical instrument, instrument automation engineer, preparation process engineers and other technical personnel more than and 30. Mainly engaged in the development and production in accordance with the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical solid preparation production machine, mixing machine, dry granulating machine, ZP series of experiments, rotation Tablet machine The hydraulic press machine, YK series of particle machine, rotary core machine, closed type sugar coating machine, double cone rotary vacuum dryer and efficient industrial powder suction machine and all kinds of pharmaceutical machinery. Our company according to customer needs to produce special kinds of non-standard custom-made pharmaceutical equipment and machinery parts. Single stamping machine , Rotary tablet machine The products are widely used in pharmaceutical, electronic, chemical and food industry, has been selling all over the country. Some products have entered the international market, the majority of users of the trust and praise. Chairman Mr. Yang Guohua with all the staff, the sincere cooperation with our new and old customers support, and as in the past for your rotary tablet machine provide high quality products and the best. Please visit the procurement of various pharmaceutical machinery products. Wang group of medicine machine you will create a brilliant and. ... [details]

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