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What is the LXA146 [summary] feeding machine applicable scope of work GZ feeding machine principle

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Our company is the ZKS vacuum Feeding machine And other products and services of well-known company, before also introduce some high speed Tablet machine Related content, what is today come to learn the "LXA146 feeding machine for working range of GZ feeding machine principle"

 What is the LXA146 [summary] feeding machine applicable scope of work GZ feeding machine principle

The parameters of LXA146 feeding machine feeding port corresponding to the diameter can be adjusted according to the customer's production needs.

The scope of the feeding machine:

LXA146 feeding machine is widely used in glass factory, glass factory blood, ceramics factory feeding, feeding machine is suitable for a small amount of LXA146 applied in chemical industry and special material production industry.

Regional production and distribution:

Because of this type feeding machine for higher technical requirements. So just concentrated in to our company so the history of Industrial Park production.

The recommended: [experience] automatic feeding machine working principle of automatic glass feeding machine

The working principle of GZ feeding machine is current exciter electromagnetic coil is a single-phase half wave rectifier, when the coil is connected in the positive half cycle in the current through the armature core, between and generates a pulse electromagnetic force to attract each other, then the backward motion, the main spring vibrator deformation storage some of the potential in the negative half cycle current in the coil through, the electromagnetic force disappears, the main spring release of energy, and the armature iron core in the opposite direction from LXA to GZ. The working principle of feeding machine is what before exercise, so GZ to AC power feeding machine for reciprocating vibration frequency of 3000 times per minute, because the role of the bottom plane and the exciting force of the line groove has a certain angle, so the trajectory in the tank body material along a parabolic continuous forward motion. The level of voltage regulating rectifier, the feeding quantity can be controlled GZ feeding machine. Feeding machine adopts silicon controlled rectifier power supply. Changing the thyristor conduction angle, can control the output voltage level. According to the conditions of use, may take different signals to control the thyristor turn-on angle to achieve the purpose of automatic quantitative feeding.

The above is the "LXA146 feeding machine applicable scope of work GZ feeding machine principle is all what", if there is what do not know where our professional customer service will provide you a detailed answer, we will introduce you to the next ZKS vacuum feeding machine Please pay attention!

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