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[knowledge] GZT GZG vibrating feeder feeding machine

Source: Http:// Release date: 2016-12-17

In vacuum ZKS Feeding machine And, small Tablet machine In this article, let us understand some unknown knowledge, but "GZT GZG vibrating feeder feeding machine is still relatively unknown to many people, today we have to look:

 [knowledge] GZT GZG vibrating feeder feeding machine

GZT working principle and structural characteristics of vibrating feeder:

The GZT type vibration motor vibration feeder, vibrating feeder for the series before corade crushing material, at the same time as the bar screen surface, and can get rid of the dirt and other fine materials, pre screening function, can improve the crushing ability, this series of vibrating feeding machine of new type vibration motor or vibration exciter the vibration of frame type ring groove rivet, manganese steel guard plate and bar, firm structure, high strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance GZT, GZT vibration feeder, convenient use and maintenance.

technical parameter

Type Model maximum feed size (mm) Max Feed Size (t/h) processing capacity of Capacity motor power Motor Power (kw) Installation Slope bar angle (DEG) double amplitude Double Amplitude (mm) Weight weight (kg) GZT-072445030-802 * 1.5104-62936GZT-093256080-1502 * 2.4104-63359GZT-094056080-1802 * 3.2104-63608GZT-1148600150-3002 * 5.5104-64808GZT-1256800180-4002 * 7.5104-65994GZT-15601000400-6002 * 13104-69896

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The following characteristics and working principle of GZG feeding machine:


1, simple structure, light weight, low noise, reliable work, feeding capacity, convenient installation and maintenance.

2, the use of special self synchronous vibration motor principle, start fast, stable and smooth parking.

3, material according to the parabolic trajectory continuous forward jumping movement, so the feeding trough wear small.

4, the change can be instantaneous and open and close the stream, so the feeding quantity is of high accuracy.

5, this series of vibrating feeder is not suitable for explosion-proof occasions.

Working principle

GZG feeding machine feeding process is the use of special vibration motor or two motor driven vibrator driving feed tank along the inclined direction for linear reciprocating cycle to achieve acceleration, when the vertical component of the feed tank is greater than the vibration acceleration of gravity, in the groove of the material to be tossed, and according to the parabolic path forward jumping, throwing and falling in a moment, due to the continuous vibration excitation, the feeding groove continuous vibration, groove in coal continuous leap forward, to achieve the purpose of feeding.

"The GZT GZG vibrating feeder feeding machine", is our small series of carefully prepared for you, I still remember ZKS vacuum feeding machine What was that? These may have some comprehensive place, we will in future articles for everyone to explain!

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