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The machine uses ZKS feed press pneumatic feeding machine to installation and debugging

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Our company is the ZKS vacuum Feeding machine And other products and services of well-known company, before also introduce some small Tablet machine Related content, use of ZKS feeding machine pneumatic feeding machine today again to learn "how to debug installation"

 The machine uses ZKS feed press pneumatic feeding machine to installation and debugging

Pneumatic feeding machine and equipment is powdery material and granular material, powder granules, the ideal mixture conveying equipment, vacuum suction machine will automatically transfer all kinds of materials to the packaging machine, injection molding machine, Grinder Hopper, mixer and other equipment, but also directly to the mixing and transporting materials to the mixer (such as V type mixer, mixing machine, two-dimensional three-dimensional mixer, etc.) for custody transfer, so to solve the problem of dust when feeding, pharmaceutical factory, food factory is certified by GMP and promote clean and civilized production equipment preferred.

Pneumatic feeding machine principle:

Using compressed air as power source, it drives the RF vacuum generator generates negative pressure in vacuum, in order to achieve the delivery of materials, the vacuum feeding machine has the advantages of small size, simple structure, easy maintenance, convenient operation control system. At the same time, the device can effectively prevent electrostatic materials, it compared with the electric pump vacuum feeding machine has the advantages of low noise, it is the formation of high vacuum negative pressure to the conveyed material to eliminate the layered phenomenon, so the mixed material uniformity is guaranteed, is the preferred equipment for automatic feeding of feeding machine, capsule pharmaceutical industry press filling machine, dry granulation machine, packing machine, pulverizer, vibrating equipment, pneumatic type feeding machine meets the requirement of GMP.

The recommended: Maintenance of single stamping machine should do

ZKS feeding machine debugging note what need to install:

1, feeding machine hopper fixed in the vacuum pump solid column, can move up and down, adjust the position of the hopper. The material receiving device is high, need another bracket feeder hopper position.

2, hose the suction nozzle and the hopper, hopper and vacuum pump connected, and hoop card.

3, connect the power. Power cable should be used in three-phase five wire control circuit, because "0", in order to security still need to "protect 0", "another protection 0" is to eliminate the electrostatic charging when the interference to the control chip, the control system.

4, pipe is inserted into the system of import port for &6 compressed air, adjust valve, ensure the system pressure, and press over the map will be car compressed air and vacuum joint material cylinder compressed air connection.

5, connect the electrical source ZKS pneumatic feeding machine how debug installation, open the door, close three-phase air switch, the control box feeding.

The above is the "ZKS feeding machine uses pneumatic feeding machine to debug all the content of the installation", if there is what do not know where our professional customer service will provide you a detailed answer, we will introduce you to the next ZKS vacuum feeding machine Please pay attention!

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