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The working principle and the use of candy machine of Changzhou Wang Group to introduce you

Source: Http:// Release date: 2017-03-14

In this article, we Changzhou WangQun medicinal Machinery Co. Ltd is mainly to introduce the candy <b> tablet machine</b> working principle and the use range, below it, interested you can follow us together come to know:

First, we introduce the working principle of candy tablet machine:
As a small desktop electric continuous tabletting machines, punch press down the site (the location up) by the die hole in the lower end extends into the die hole, sealed in the die hole bottom, filling in holes in the use of drugs to die on the feeder, punch parts (the position from the top down) in the die hole into the die hole, and a downward stroke, the powder into tablets, rushed to ascend out of hole. The top of the tablet increased lower die hole, a pressing process, down down to in situ, ready for the next filling.
Introduced the principle, we come to know the candy tablet machine applicable scope:
Applicable to the pharmaceutical factory, chemical plants, hospitals, research institutes, laboratory and small batch production.
The above is what we give to you today about the related candy tablet machine, we hope that the article can help you learn more about the product.