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[] the preferred plastic spiral feeding machine is used for mixing what features of the industrial machine.

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For TSG series mobile promotion Feeding machine , TSG series mobile lifting feeder Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, | direct sales, supply, procurement and other issues we have to understand that, on the "plastic spiral feeding machine has the characteristics of what industrial mixer mixing machine"? Estimated that many people are not familiar with it, and today we have experts familiar with the!

 [] the preferred plastic spiral feeding machine is used for mixing what features of the industrial machine.

The characteristics of the plastic spiral feeding machine has the following 3 points:

1, the installation is convenient, and can move, such as multi mixer using the same material, only one machine at the same time for a plurality of mixing machine feeding, avoid manual feeding trouble, make the feeding work safer, more time and more effort.

2, reasonable design, convenient operation and maintenance, compared with vacuum feeding machine, can always clean up the filter troubles.

3, this machine is suitable for a wide range, can be powder, plastic pellets, powder mixture and mix on crushing, plastic screw feeding machine has the characteristics of what can also be used in medicine, in the process of chemical production.

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Mixed use industrial machine introduced for you with mixed machine manufacturers:

(1) before use should be a no-load test, should first check the horizontal V type mixing machine all parts in a solid connection degree before commissioning, the integrity of the reducer in the lubrication oil amount and electrical equipment, and then close the switch, is connected to a power supply, commissioning of idling.

(2): the installation of mechanical placed smoothly, installed the machine feet, flat, make the mechanical energy to operate freely.

(3) before use shall be refuel in plastic processing industry with the mixing machine with good oil, then the no-load running, check whether the loosening of the fastener, the electrical machinery is normal, whether the normal operation, such as abnormal, refurbishment and commissioning.

(4) the charging port to the above, open the feeding cover by charging, charging amount does not exceed the specified volume, and then close the feeding cover, start the machine running on the way, such as abnormal, to stop check.

(5) after work or replace varieties must take the hopper inside and outside clean.

The plastic spiral feeding machine has the characteristics of what problems, to help you? If there is any help, please continue to pay attention to our Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai | direct sales, supply, procurement, TSG series mobile lifting feeding machine, the rotary <b> tablet machine</b> !

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