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The solid material mixing machine working principle and Applications

Source: Http:// Release date: 2017-03-22

The machine can be mixed into a homogeneous mixture with a variety of materials, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, the different components of the raw materials are evenly mixed together to form a compound material; also can increase the contact surface area, in order to promote chemical reactions; also can accelerate the physical changes, such as adding granular solute solvent by mechanical mixing effect can accelerate the dissolution of mixed uniform. Mixing machinery commonly used into gas and low viscosity liquid mixing machine, high viscosity liquid and paste mixer, thermoplastic material mixer, powdery and granular solid material mixer four categories. Here mainly introduce the solid material mixing machine:

Powdery and granular solid material mixing machine for intermittent operation, V type mixing machine on the market at present, Three dimensional mixer and Trough type mixing machine These three kinds of models. When mixed requires all involved in mixed material distribution. Divided into ideal mixing, random mixing and completely immiscible three state mixed degree. All kinds of materials in the mixing machine in the mixed degree depends on the proportion of the material to be mixed, the physical condition and characteristics, and the use of mechanical mixing type and mixed operation duration etc..
The granular solid liquidity depends mainly on the container itself or by the rotary motion in the container part, repeatedly flipping, mixed to be mixed, the general use of V mixing machine. Liquidity is not very good, the proportion of relatively large difference of material by rotary action alone is not enough, need multi angle function to be able to do well mixed. The general use of three-dimensional mixer or multidimensional mixing machine. Mutual adhesion liquidity is poor, the granular or powdered solid, usually by mixing machine with mechanical turning and rolling pressure, etc, which generally use trough type mixing machine.

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