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Wang Group of drug machinery tell you mobile lifting feeder installation requirements

Source: Http:// Release date: 2017-03-24

      Hopper Promote Feeding machine Is the use of mechanical force and gravity, machinery will be two or more than two kinds of powder material evenly mixed up. Hopper lifting stirring feeding machine The main body of convection diffusion and eddy diffusion, molecular diffusion between different liquids increased surface area reduces the diffusion distance, so as to shorten the time of molecular diffusion. This machine is suitable Used in chemical, food, and other auxiliary information industrial department of small batch mixed is not the same, it is not suitable for semi solid, liquid or mixed high viscosity materials.

1, no vibration hopper lifting platform feed machine installed in the fastening, level, stay around a proper distance, in order to discharge. The outlet distance from the ground can be According to the process of selection;
       2, before using the equipment should be foreign cleaning equipment, lubricating all rotating parts, cutting to ensure the gear box oil leakage in order to avoid the pollution of mixed media;
To observe spiral 3, boot. Ensure the double helix (from the feeding port direction look down) clockwise. Screw clockwise when the material can be mixed Conversely, the broken screw or even destroy the gear box. (must be in strict accordance with the regulations of operation);
4, before starting the pilot run, first open the oil pump drive motor rotation. The correct screw rotation direction after running for 20-30 minutes before feeding;

       5, the feed should pay attention to must first open the machine and feeding, so as to avoid damage to the screw.

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