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[knowledge] has the advantages of automatic feeding machine for glass structure performance which ZSW vibration feeder

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Automatic glass Feeding machine What are the advantages? Today Changzhou WangQun medicinal Machinery Co. Ltd. will bring you the structure performance advantages of automatic glass feeding machine which ZSW vibration feeder, so that you only know of Front Small Tablet machine Besides, there will be more understanding of the industry!

 [knowledge] has the advantages of automatic feeding machine for glass structure performance which ZSW vibration feeder

Full automatic glass feeding machine is used for industrial machine glass industry electric furnace automatic feeding. The utility model has the advantages of strong durable, accurate and reliable, flexible control etc.. It is divided into two departments respectively, mechanical hardware and control software. Also includes a guide rail, trolley track, bunker, etc..

The advantages of automatic glass feeding machine is as follows:

(1): the overall mechanism of durable smooth solid, car belt and good heat resistance, can work long time in high temperature environment.

(2): accurate and reliable in the servo motor drive, the drive mechanism motion quickly and accurately, in place, to maximize the effectiveness of every motor. Independent safety monitoring system and calibration bias, to ensure the safety of feeding, prevention of feeding robot occurs in the furnace wall accident.

(3): the control of flexible feeding path can be predefined, and according to the level of production decline in the real-time change of feed rate. Both automatic and manual mode automatic, automatic feeding machine has the advantages of glass which have to deal with unexpected incidents.

This series of automatic feeding feeding machine is mainly used in glass industry furnace. Divided into 3 and 4 axes in 2 ways.

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What are the ZSW vibration feeding machine principle:

ZSW vibration feeding machine is mainly composed of a machine frame, vibration spring vibrator motor frame and motor vibration etc.. The exciter is composed of two eccentric shaft to the specific location of the gear assembly, the two must be labeled according to gear meshing, driven by the motor, the two eccentric shaft rotation, resulting in huge linear vibration synthesis, so that the body for forced vibration in the spring, then the vibration of the material dynamic, sliding and throwing motion in the trough, so that the material forward to achieve the purpose of feeding. When the material through the slot on the screen strip, the smaller material can fall through the sieve gap, not through the next crushing, the screening effect.

technical parameter

Type Model maximum feed size (mm) Max Feed Size Capacity (t/h) processing capacity of eccentric shaft speed motor power Motor (r/min) Power (kw) structure and properties of ll Dimensions dimensions Over glass aZSW vibrating feeder (mm) weight Weight (kg) Size of Funnel slot size (mm) * 9550096-160500-714113882 * ZSW-380 2224 * 212140823800 * 950ZSW-490 * 95500120-240500-800114957 * 2277 * 21505004420 * 1100ZSW-490 * 110580120-280500-800154957 * 2400 * 21505320490 * 1100ZSW-590 * 110600200-350500

Read the structure of "performance" advantages of automatic glass feeding machine which ZSW vibration feeder, we believe that for the advantages of automatic glass feeding machine and what problems have probably understood that if you want to know QVC series pneumatic vacuum charging machine And other related content, please pay attention to the follow-up of our news!

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