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The principle of press pneumatic feeding machine pneumatic feeding machine

Source: Http:// Release date: 2017-03-26

A lot of people for the TSG series of mobile our ascension Feeding machine So, there have been some understanding, but also to introduce too Tablet machine Today, Xiao Bian will introduce the "principle" pneumatic feeding machine pneumatic feeding machine, the hope can help to you.

 The principle of press pneumatic feeding machine pneumatic feeding machine

Pneumatic feeding machine model: SWP-180, SWP-250, SWP-320, SWP-430, SWP-560, SWP-800 etc., imported brand vacuum generator and FESTO timer, pneumatic components, pneumatic conveying is the essence of explosion-proof, can be used for various occasions for explosion-proof powder conveying, and also can transport all kinds of explosive materials such as: easy to clean and high sulfur and so on. And the mute effect applies to all walks of life.

The characteristics of pneumatic feeding machine has the following several points:

Small, light weight, small volume; energy saving without electricity, the compressed air can be controlled and the operation of the whole system;

Simple: automatic control in 0 ~ 30 seconds randomly set the suction feeding time of health: quiet: no vibration, low noise;

Cleaning: clean operation, transportation process will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment;

Economy: a device can take turns for multiple sets of machines, and low maintenance cost;

Safety: the working process of no heat generation, safety explosion-proof;

Material: high quality SS304, SS304L, 316 pneumatic, pneumatic feeding machine of 316L stainless steel;

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Pneumatic feeding machine and equipment is powdery material and granular material, powder granules, the ideal mixture conveying equipment, vacuum suction machine will automatically transfer all kinds of materials to the packaging machine, injection molding machine, Grinder Hopper, mixer and other equipment, but also directly to the mixing and transporting materials to the mixer (such as V type mixer, mixing machine, two-dimensional three-dimensional mixer, etc.) for custody transfer, so to solve the problem of dust when feeding, pharmaceutical factory, food factory is certified by GMP and promote clean and civilized production equipment preferred.

Pneumatic feeding machine principle:

Using compressed air as power source, it drives the RF vacuum generator generates negative pressure in vacuum, in order to achieve the delivery of materials, the vacuum feeding machine has the advantages of small size, simple structure, easy maintenance, convenient operation control system. At the same time, the device can effectively prevent electrostatic materials, it compared with the electric pump vacuum feeding machine has the advantages of low noise, it is the formation of high vacuum negative pressure to the conveyed material to eliminate the layered phenomenon, so the mixed material uniformity is guaranteed, is the preferred equipment for automatic feeding of pharmaceutical tablet machine, capsule filling machine, dry granulation machine, packing machine, pulverizer, vibrating screen and other equipment, meet the requirements of GMP.

The principle of pneumatic feeding machine pneumatic feeding machine "and other articles TSG series mobile lifting feeder Give you some help, we will further elaborate in principle more about pneumatic feeding machine of the content, if you do not want to miss our website!

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