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Oven manufacturers to introduce advantages of high temperature oven and buy skills

Source: Http:// Release date: 2017-03-28

The advantages of the oven:
(1) the low thermal conductivity of high temperature oven, heat insulation effect, can effectively prevent heat conduction, heat utilization of high temperature oven can reach 98%;
(2) with comprehensive overall bonding base, strong adhesion, especially for the special equipment to other heat insulation materials are difficult to solve the insulation;
(3) flame retardant, strong environmental protection;
(4) the construction is relatively simple, can be used with artificial way;
(5) coatings are widely used, widely used in industrial construction, etc.;

(6) high temperature resistance, high temperature solution special, high temperature can reach 1800 DEG C, can be used for a long time at high temperature, fire.

The oven to buy skills:
(1) the most easily damaged in the process of using the first industrial oven, electric control system. The sheet metal structure. (used industrial oven knows);
(2) the most easily damaged in the electric control system of industrial oven is general for contactor, especially those devices directly using the relay output;
(3) metal structure is of course important industrial oven, sheet metal frame structure is directly related to the service life of the equipment. Because industrial oven in use, in the cooling stop heating, thermal expansion and contraction cycle, so very ordinary. High requirements for the design of frame structure of equipment;

(4) customer service service, customer service service equipment is very important.

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