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What is the correct use of pesticide mixer and precautions

Source: Http:// Release date: 2017-04-01

In our article, we will introduce is about pesticide mixture machine instructions and related notes introduction:

1, before use should be a cargo transfer test, should first check the machine parts in all solid connection degree before commissioning, the integrity of the reducer in the lubrication oil amount and electrical equipment, and then close the switch, is connected to a power supply, commissioning of idling.
2, the test should be idle this manual fifteenth steps and the function requirements of each test. Without noise, bearing block abnormal fever reducer, temperature and other undesirable phenomena of the helicopter was found, it can be put into production.

3, in operation for scraping wall material, the application of bamboo tool, must not use hand to avoid hand injury accident.

4, the use of such as the discovery of abnormal machine vibration or an abnormal noise, should immediately stop check.
5, the use of load is not too large, generally by the motor load determination, heavy current 380V motor in the mix, with no more than 6A for the normal, such as over load immediately reduce the mixing capacity.
6, impeller seal ends should be kept clean, so as to avoid blackening, material deterioration, mixing tank ends in the outer gear left square hole, should be clear, do not make jam, to avoid anti pressure, make the dirt into the axis, the groove material black, metamorphic.
7, management personnel must be familiar with the machine technical performance, internal structure, control structure using principle. During operation shall not leave the place of work, to prevent the occurrence of failure and mechanical damage, to ensure the safety of production as the premise.

After reading the above content, the correct use of pesticides mixing machine we introduce and matters needing attention in the presentation here, we hope the article can help us further understand our products, if you have any questions, contact us, I will speak for you to answer!

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