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[Photos] has the advantages of automatic glass feeding machine is how to correctly use what mixer

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Rotary Tablet machine The price of mobile company is a professional promotion Feeding machine Rotary tablet machine, price of company, today we will bring you the expert "advantages of automatic glass feeding machine is how to correctly use what mixer", we hope that through the introduction of the advantages of allowing you to fully automatic glass feeding machine which has a deeper understanding of the problem

 [Photos] has the advantages of automatic glass feeding machine is how to correctly use what mixer

Full automatic glass feeding machine is used for industrial machine glass industry electric furnace automatic feeding. The utility model has the advantages of strong durable, accurate and reliable, flexible control etc.. It is divided into two departments respectively, mechanical hardware and control software. Also includes a guide rail, trolley track, bunker, etc..

The advantages of automatic glass feeding machine is as follows:

(1): the overall mechanism of durable smooth solid, car belt and good heat resistance, can work long time in high temperature environment.

(2): accurate and reliable in the servo motor drive, the drive mechanism motion quickly and accurately, in place, to maximize the effectiveness of every motor. Independent safety monitoring system and calibration bias, to ensure the safety of feeding, prevention of feeding robot occurs in the furnace wall accident.

(3): the control of flexible feeding path can be predefined, and according to the level of production decline in the real-time change of feed rate. Both automatic and manual mode automatic, automatic feeding machine has the advantages of glass which have to deal with unexpected incidents.

This series of automatic feeding feeding machine is mainly used in glass industry furnace. Divided into 3 and 4 axes in 2 ways.

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Mixed use industrial machine introduced for you with mixed machine manufacturers:

(1) before use should be a no-load test, should first check the horizontal V type mixing machine all parts in a solid connection degree before commissioning, the integrity of the reducer in the lubrication oil amount and electrical equipment, and then close the switch, is connected to a power supply, commissioning of idling.

(2): the installation of mechanical placed smoothly, installed the machine feet, flat, make the mechanical energy to operate freely.

(3) before use shall be refuel with good oil, then the no-load running, check whether the loosening of the fastener, the electrical machinery is normal, whether the normal operation, such as abnormal, refurbishment and commissioning.

(4) the charging port to the above, open the feeding cover by charging, charging amount does not exceed the specified volume, and then close the feeding cover, start the machine running on the way, such as abnormal, must stop checking how to check the correct use of mixing machine.

(5) after work or replace varieties must be Hopper Clean the inside and outside.

The automatic feeding machine has the advantages of glass to which mixing machine to use "the content is about the advantages of automatic glass feeding machine which introduces, see our article, if you understand Mobile lifting feeder Rotary press, price and more interested, please click our news list view.

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