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Electronic tablet machine manufacturers introduced tablet machine cleaning method for you

Source: Http:// Release date: 2017-04-05

Today, our electronic <b> tablet machine</b> manufacturers to introduce the tablet machine cleaning method, before this knowledge is not very understanding we can through our articles, to learn one or two:

If the production of material or material itself is moisture absorption, viscosity, or material oxidation, corrosion resistance and other chemical properties, will be the daily cleaning Feeding machine The remove, clean, and die not residual material. Press in use after a period of time, the need for cleaning various parts, following a brief narration about cleaning steps:

First, clean the parts: stainless steel and other metal parts cleaning with water after the dry, put the evaporator drying; non metallic parts after cleaning dry naturally;

Secondly, daily cleaning: daily cleaning dust, just inside the host particles to clean up, feeding machinery and molds do not need to remove; if the production material moisture absorption, or is the material or material has high viscosity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical properties, the daily cleaning must the feeding mechanism is removed, cleaned, and die not residual material.
Finally, change the number of cleaning: a batch of material production, after the end of the experiment, need to change the number, the main need for thorough cleaning, to avoid mixed batch. Remove the feeding machine, including cylinder, feeding boots combination, PTFE and so on, and the feeding and feeding chassis boots apart by cleaning up and down; remove the rod and die, one by one of the main internal cleaning; cleaning, including the frame, moving parts, glass door etc..

Electronic tablet machine manufacturers at the end of this paper we want to remind you is only the correct parts cleaning tablet machine, in order to effectively ensure the normal operation of the machine and the service life, improve production efficiency and reduce equipment failure.