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What are the characteristics of rotary tablet machine Changzhou WangQun medicinal machinery to introduce you to

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In this paper, we rotate <b> tablet machine</b> manufacturers Changzhou WangQun medicinal machinery to introduce you to a <b> rotary tablet press machine</b> which features? We take a look at:
(1) due to the punching machine turntable milling groove, and in each special red rod according to the guide key. When using a guide key on the rod and are respectively arranged on the punched hole keyway position. This red bar only up and down movement, can rotate in a hole. Irregular middle die installation, as long as the hole shaped die hedge in the up and down movement process, insert in die, its shape is consistent. Lower punch in circular motion, the head does not always leave in the mold, when installing the current punch shaped head is inserted into the die hole After the die hole shaped like the role orientation, forcing only undershoot moves up and down, so do not need to install the lower punch guide key, under punching without keyway milling. This machine can press various special-shaped tablets, when the end of a lower punch engraved with the text, numbers or letters, press the film opposite indentation is not dislocation. It is suitable for double-sided lettering pieces.

(2) press on the guide rail with cosine curve rail, the punch on the acceleration is zero, to avoid the punch force in the movement is not balanced and noise, and even received a big impact and fracture. The main rotating parts and Wheel pressure Organization adopts the rolling friction, reduce noise and wear parts, but also reduce the power loss.
(3) around the tablet studio installed transparent organic glass door cover, reached the semi closed state. And equipped with suction port, external cleaning equipment, prevent dust pollution and dust, keep the working environment clean, and because the dust is reduced, the tablet quality is improved.
(4) many machines are equipped with protective devices, such as pressure overload indication and automatic emergency brake on fracture. Is to ease the mechanical shock, the normal operation of the machine, and prevent

Effect of inertia and increase destructive machines.
(5) from the overall design, the structure is more reasonable, the adjusting hand wheel, buttons, indicator cards are installed in the obvious position, adjustment and observation is more convenient.
The above five points is our today to introduce you to a rotary tablet press machine characteristics in the introduction, I hope you will love our article, and from what you have Learn more about our products in the article, we look forward to your further update it!