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[article] WLS feeding machine specification which powder machine main use and maintenance skills

Source: Http:// Release date: 2017-04-08

With the development of the ZP17/19 rotary life of many industries Tablet machine All cannot do without, sometimes some obscure factors may lead to a big gap, such as the high speed of the Rotary tablet machine Today, we will try to understand the "WLS Feeding machine What are the specifications of the powder pressing machine the main use and maintenance skills".

 [article] WLS feeding machine specification which powder machine main use and maintenance skills

WLS type feeding machine is used for small batch of powder material uniformly continuous feeding and discharging. It also has the characteristics of stable flow and good sealing.

Feeding machine specifications are based on hourly feeding and feeding quantity: general from 0.01 kg / h - 1000 kg / hour (more than 1000 kg / hour please choose our other feeding machine). The length of the feeding machine (inlet and outlet center distance) in 100mm-2000mm. Discharging mode: vertical and horizontal discharge discharge two. The user can choose according to requirements.

The concrete specification and length can be customized according to user requirements. According to user requirements hopper.

1, can be equipped with motor, explosion-proof motor: electromagnetic speed, variable speed, variable speed WLS, WLS feeder specifications which control motor (220V)

2, can be equipped with a stirring device, weighing device, cooling device, wall vibration device, and a heating device, a hopper

3, the outer tube shape available round tube type and U type groove

4, the screw shaft can be divided into a shaft type and no shaft type

5, can be customized double spiral micro feed machine

6, can be tilted upward or downward installation of carbon steel

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Powder pressing machine are widely used in the following areas:

Pharmaceutical: Chinese herbal medicine tablets, tablets, pills, veterinary nutrition;

Food: coffee, candy, chocolate beans, chicken essence seasoning block, block machine, glucose tablets, and biscuits, tea;

Health care products: calcium tablet, buccal tablet, Proplis Tablets, spirulina tablets, effervescent tablets;

Agriculture: feed, fertilizer, animal food block;

Chemical: bleaching powder, ceramics, mosquito coils, fertilizers, disinfectants, toner, magnetic materials, anti-corrosion materials, abrasives, mothballs, aromatic agent, powder metallurgy, glass powder, spices, fine powder.

Feeding powder tabletting machine main use and maintenance techniques: clean bath salts

Maintenance of powder pressing machine:

(1) is arranged on the machine according to the type of cup, cup, separately injected with oil or grease. Before starting a gas should be visible, bearing temperature rise and operation add production.

(2) regular inspection parts are running flexible and wear, found the defects should be repaired in a timely manner.

(3) once after use or stop, should brush powder residue sub various parts of the machine; disable such a long time, should be removed and will die, all the machine parts clean, smooth coated with anti rust oil.

(4) die maintenance: clean, dry coated with anti rust oil, placed in a suitable container, keep clean, prevent bump damage.

Brief introduction of the above is about the "WLS feeding machine specification has the main use and maintenance skills" which powder pressing machine, we have ZP17/19 rotary tablet press, ZP17/19 rotary tablet press Many other related products, if you are interested, can contact us for more details.

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