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 GFGQ-100 type high efficient boiling dryer

Product Name: GFGQ-100 type efficient boiling dryer

Product type: GFGQ-100

Product specifications: high

Product introduction

GFGQ-100 Efficient boiling dryer 

The main purpose

This machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries of granular material drying, also suitable for powder and viscous material and heat sensitive material drying, drying with a variety of functions.


With the hot air flow to powdery or granular wet material into suspended fluidized state, rapid heating, evaporation of water with the air out, quick drying speed, uniform temperature.

The lifting cylinder barrel drying device, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, reliable sealing.

Feed horn with stirrer and the special air distribution plates, which does not have a corner in the bed. The floor board material, which the dumping and cleaning are very convenient and rapid.

technical parameter





Total power

Eleven point six seven

Fan air volume

Three thousand four hundred and eighty-eight

The total pressure of the fan

Five thousand three hundred and thirty

Steam pressure


Drying air temperature

Adjustable constant temperature

Machine dimensions


Host weight

One thousand and two hundred


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