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 QVC series pneumatic vacuum charging machine

Product Name: QVC series pneumatic vacuum charging machine

Product type: QVC

Product specifications:

Product introduction

QVC series pneumatic vacuum Feeding machine

<strong> Pneumatic vacuum charging machine</strong> <strong> mainly uses</strong>

Vacuum feeding machine is the use of pneumatic vacuum pump as a vacuum conveyor vacuum source, using the vacuum feeding machine material can be loaded into the mixer, reactor, directly from the container, Tablet machine , packing machine, vibration sieve, granulator, wet granulation machine, dry granulator and Grinder Go. The machine can reduce the labor intensity of the workers, to prevent dust pollution, ensure production meets the requirement of GMP.

<strong> Pneumatic vacuum charging machine</strong> <strong> working principle</strong>

When you press "on / off" button, the compressed air enters the vacuum pump, and the hopper discharge door is closed under the drive of the air cylinder, vacuum hopper. Vacuum feeding machine to form a stream of air under vacuum, in this flow under the action of the material being conveyed through the hose is conveyed to the vacuum hopper, after a certain period of time (adjustable feeding time) compressed air is closed, pneumatic vacuum pump can not produce a vacuum, and the hopper discharge door in cylinder push open, vacuum feeding machine disappeared, the material from the discharge door automatically put in by the feeding equipment (such as tablet machine, packing machine, etc.) at the same time, stored in the air bag in the compressed air cleaning filter, automatic filter cleaning; after a certain period of time (discharge time adjustable), compressed air again start vacuum gas dynamic vacuum pump, the discharge door is closed, the vacuum feeding machine again feeding cycle, the material is fed by feeding equipment to Everfount.

The vacuum feeding machine level control, the material hopper feeding equipment in the material level controller to complete the automatic feeding. When the hopper feeding device is higher than a certain position, the vacuum feeder stops feeding; when the level is below a certain position, start automatic vacuum feeding machine, to material feeding equipment.

<strong> Pneumatic vacuum charging machine</strong> <strong> technical parameters</strong>


Delivery volume (kg/h)

The gas consumption (L/min)

The air pressure (MPa)


Three hundred and fifty

One hundred and eighty



Seven hundred

Three hundred and sixty



One thousand and five hundred

Seven hundred and twenty



Three thousand

One thousand four hundred and forty



Six thousand

Two thousand eight hundred and eighty



Nine thousand

Four thousand three hundred and twenty



Pneumatic vacuum charging machine picture display