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 ZP33 rotary tablet press

Product Name: ZP33 rotary tablet press

Product type: ZP33

Product specification: Rotary

Product introduction

ZP33 rotary <b> tablet machine</b>


Use instructions

This machine is used for all kinds of granular materials into a round sheet is the basic equipment for the production. The structure of double pressure, there are two sets of charging devices two Wheel pressure . Turntable can be installed 33 pairs of dies you can suppress the 66 week rotation. Turntable speed compression, the depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tablets can be adjusted. This machine is Chinese National Health Administration awarded high quality product award.

technical parameter


33 pay sets

The maximum compression pressure

40 kn KN

Max.dia.of tablet

12 mm

The maximum depth of fill

15 mm

The maximum thickness of tablet

6 mm

Rotary speed

11-28 / r/min


43000-110000 / pc/h

Motor power

KW 2.2 kW, 960 rpm r/min, 380 volt V/50 Hz Hz

Size (L * W * H)

930 x 990 x 1600 mm

Host weight



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