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 ZP17E rotary tablet press

Product Name: ZP17E rotary tablet press

Product type: ZP17E

Product specification: Rotary

Product introduction

ZP17E rotary <b> tablet machine</b>

Rotary tablet machine use

This machine is an automatic rotation continuous tablet machine, widely Used in pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramics, food, electronics, plastics and powder metallurgy industry etc.. This machine is suitable for all kinds of granular material is compressed into round tablets can also be pressed into tablets of different geometry, specifically for small batch production. Not suitable for semi - solid, wet pressing and ultra-fine powder particles.

During the operation, rotation speed, filling depth and thickness of the tablets can be adjusted. Equipped with overload protection device in the system, will prevent the equipment from overload damage and die . The transmission mechanism of this machine adopts immersed lubrication, sealing installed under the bottom of prolong the service life of the machine, to avoid cross contamination.

<strong> Rotary tablet machine</strong> <strong> technical parameters</strong>

Table drawing module

17 pay sets

The maximum compression pressure


Max.dia.of tablet


The maximum depth of fill


The maximum thickness of tablet


On the lower punch rod diameter


In the mold thickness


Die diameter


Rotating Speed

0-26 r/min

The largest tablet production

23000 / hour pc/h

Machine dimensions (length * width * height)


The net weight of the machine


Motor power



Rotary press pictures

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