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 ZP35A rotary tablet press

Product Name: ZP35A rotary tablet press

Product type: ZP35A

Product specification: Rotary

Product introduction

ZP 35A rotary <b> tablet machine</b>


Use instructions

This machine is double type continuous automatic <b> rotary machine</b> , the pressing granular raw materials into a variety of common and special-shaped tablets. Mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, also used in chemical, food, electronic industry.

Production of wafers and irregular tablets

With transparent glass doors and windows, press condition can be observed clearly, side panels can be opened, easy cleaning and maintenance. External machine is fully enclosed, stainless steel materials, the internal table with stainless steel material, can keep the surface gloss and prevent cross contamination, in line with the GMP requirements.

All the controllers and operating parts is reasonable.

The use of frequency control devices for driving speed.

All the drive devices are located inside the machine, in order to keep clean.

The system can guarantee the stability of the hydraulic system.

An overload protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage to the equipment and die. When overload occurs, the machine will stop automatically.

Also a good electronic driver and other safety protection device with the machine running, can adjust the operation.

The die can also be used in ZP19, ZP33, ZP33B, ZP35 and ZP37 tablet machine.

technical parameter

Table drawing module

35 pay sets

Maximum working pressure

70 kn KN

Max.dia.of tablet

13 mm mm

The maximum thickness of tablet

6 mm mm

The maximum depth of fill

15 mm mm

The maximum production capacity

145000 / pc/h

The highest speed turntable

0-35 / r/min

Die diameter

26 mm mm

The height of the middle mould

22 mm mm

The upper and lower punch rod diameter

22 mm mm

Up and down the length of rod

115 mm mm

Machine dimensions (L*W*H)

900*1200*1800 mm mm

The net weight of the machine

2000 kilograms of kg

The main motor power

3 kW kw


380 V V


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