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 ZP30-13 rotary tablet press

Product Name: ZP30-13 rotary tablet press

Product type: ZP30-13

Product specification: Rotary

Product introduction

ZP30-13 rotary <b> tablet machine</b>

Use instructions

This machine Apply to food, medicine, chemical, electronic and other industries for pressing granular raw materials into the circular piece / block / ball and ring piece. Not suitable for semi - solid, wet granule, pressing low solubility, hygroscopic materials and no particles and powder materials. This machine meets the GMP requirements. Punch and nail combined cavity, the replacement of different specifications just need to order to nail.

The working principle and structure characteristics

1, The drive motor (inverter control stepless), belt drive, worm The drive and driven by the main shaft turntable rotates clockwise.

2, the pressing process machine for continuous feeding, filling, tablet and tablet.

3, When the machine works, drive turntable 13 pay die clockwise rotation, up and down die moves up and down along the curve of the track, and the wheel pressure to complete the action.

4, For up and down roller rolling friction, to reduce resistance and reduce power consumption.

5, The safety roller unloading device under pressure in the wheel axle, by a spring balance, the working pressure is adjusted by the spring, when the overpressure spring automatic unload, electrical alarm cabinet will send alarm signals, which is conducive to the stable pressure, reduce shock and vibration, and to protect the punch the role of.

6, Filling, film thickness, rotation speed and other parts are regulated by centralized control, easy to operate.

7, The worm and worm gear are submerged lubrication, to reduce power loss and prolong its service life.

8, The external part of the machine is fully enclosed, so that sealed pressing rooms and completely separated from the drive mechanism, to avoid dust and oil contamination.

9, The electric control unit adopts stepless speed regulation, convenient operation, intuitive operation panel is simple and clear.

10, dust collector is installed to remove dust automatically.

technical parameter

Table drawing module

13 pay sets

On the lower punch rod diameter

Phi 42mm

Maximum working pressure


Pressure range


Phi 30*8~20mm

The Ball

Phi 30mm



The maximum depth of fill


Rotary speed

0-12 / r/min

Motor power




Maximum yield

9360 / pc/h

Size (L*W*H)


Host weight


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