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 TDP-100T single stamping machine

Product Name: TDP-100T single stamping machine

Product type: TDP-100T

Product specification: single punch

Product introduction

TDP-100T single stamping machine

Use and characteristics

This machine is mainly suitable for chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical and other companies, will dry granular after punching and meet GMP standard block products and user requirements. It has the advantages of reasonable design, advanced technology, simple operation, low energy consumption. The tablet machine mold and material contact parts are made of titanium alloy, with good anti-corrosion performance.

The status of equipment

1, the host machine is composed of machine punching machine and the restructuring of 100T. Stroke per minute 21 times, is the preferred power equipment of low power, large tonnage.

2, 2, the machine frame, the template after the heat treatment process, especially the mold in contact with the material, are made of titanium alloy, has the dual advantages of wear and abrasion.

Pressing process

Clean particles (8-30 mesh) To add to the release agent mixing automatic feeding, pressing, falling to artificial brush - finished product - packaging metering

technical parameter

Throughput More than 200 kg/h
Dies 1 pay set
Compression pressure 100 tons
Filling depth 48mm
Tablet diameter 76mm
Thickness of tablet 24-26mm
Stroke stroke 21 times/min / min.
Motor power 7.5kW, 380V, 50Hz
Shape (L*W*H) 1600*2060*3000mm
Host weight 10800kg


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