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 ZW-20 indium wafer pressing machine

Product Name: ZW-20 tablet pressing machine of indium

Product type: ZW-20

Product specifications:

Product introduction

ZW-20 indium wafer pressing machine 

Use instructions

This machine is designed for pressing the metal indium and design, only suitable for pressing width not exceeding 200 mm, thickness of not more than 25 mm of indium ingots, does not apply to suppress other metal.

The machine structure and working principle

This machine is directly driven by the motor of cycloid reducer, the reducer input speed from 960 rpm to 11 RPM output, thus increasing the output shaft torque. The speed reducer through a pair of cross coupling drives the driving shaft roller for clockwise rotation (from the left side to the direction of motor operation), rotation driving roll through the four side of the same modulus gear drives the driven wheel roller are in the opposite direction. Indium was added to the two roller pressing, the indium ingot are in tension while under pressure, so that the indium ingot thinning elongation. By adjusting the spacing adjustable two roll wheel, according to the needs of product through repeated rolling indium films of different thickness can be produced. collect Hopper The bottom is provided with two rows of holes, the cooling liquid through a hopper through the receiving hopper below the garbage collection filter tank return tank. The upper part of the water tank is equipped with a circulating water pump, composed of cooling fluid circulation system through the cooling liquid nozzle coolant pipe and the upper part of the roll, its role is to prevent the occurrence of melting phenomenon and indium films overheating in the pressing process.

technical parameter

Roll speed


Roll diameter

Phi 125mm

Roll length


Roll speed


The maximum pressure


The maximum width of pressing


The roller spacing adjustment range




The cooling water pump flow


Coolant filter aperture