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 Large tonnage pressing machine

Product Name: large tonnage pressing machine

Product type: ZP80-10

Product specification: Rotary

Product introduction

Use instructions:
This machine is a continuous production rotary <b> tablet machine</b> . Mainly used for disinfection tablet pressing of large diameter, such as two sodium dichloroisocyanurate, Sanlv isocyanate and other chemical class tablet, can also be used to suppress other chemical, electronics, medicine, food, ceramic pellets or powder, through the replacement of mold can also suppress the annular, spherical and various special-shaped tablets, but not suitable for pressing wet and viscous material.
Main features:
1, mechanical transmission part of the machine and the tablet studio is completely isolated, to prevent contamination during pressing material;
2. The pressing room is organic glass full closed structure, can clearly see the whole process of pressing work, but also can prevent the pressure of dust, pollution of the environment;
3, the turntable working surface layer with titanium alloy plate, blanking pipe, screw, all die down made of titanium alloy;
4, the machine is equipped with pre Wheel pressure Device can improve the tablet quality;
5, the machine adopts four pillar structure, good working stability, stable operation;
6, the motor is controlled by a frequency converter speed range according to the actual production requirements ah within the allowable speed stepless;
7, the machine is equipped with automatic demoulding agent spraying device, suitable for pressing hard demoulding and sticky material.

Technical parameters:

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